Isabelle Quintyn

My fascination with labour law goes back to my university studies. I therefore decided to obtain a postgraduate degree in social law at the ULB. After my studies I immediately started as a lawyer at the bar of Brussels in the area of social law in the firm Loeff Claeys Verbeke. From 2002 onwards I continued my career as a lawyer in the firm Claeys & Engels in Ghent. After 20 years' experience in well-established firms I find the time has come to start my own firm in social law. I found excellent partners in Maarten and Vincent, both of them dedicated lawyers and fine colleagues. I take a special interest in individual and collective dismissal law. I counsel businesses in finding the most appropriate solution to take leave of their employees resulting from individual dismissal, the end of a career or a reorganisation. In addition I am also active in other domains of social law such as protected employees, drawing up collective bargaining agreements, negotiations with trade unions, competition and strikes.